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16th July 2018

SmartMed and SmartMessage Digital Solutions for Healthcare & Corporate Messaging Awarded Place in UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 Digital Marketplace

UK public sector and not-for-profit organisations, including the NHS, can procure the SmartMed Digital Health services and the SmartMessage bulk SMS and Email solutions from the Digital Marketplace as part of the new G-Cloud 10 framework.

Neil Hunt, Group CTO at the SmartIdeas Group (the parent company owning SmartMed and SmartMessage) said, “The NHS are already benefiting from SmartMed and being part of this new Government framework means we can help more NHS and public-sector organisations to address the needs of enhancing healthcare whilst reducing cost, or delivering better communications to their customers”.

The SmartMed service empowers patients to control their own chronic conditions, such as Diabetes, COPD and Hypertension, providing an app and suite of tools and medical devices and helping bring the GP consultation into the patient’s home. Several NHS clinics and hospitals are already using SmartMed, including Waterloo Health Centre and the NHS London North West University Hospitals.

SmartMessage provides enterprise bulk SMS and Email messaging, allowing organisations to keep in touch with their customers and all stakeholders on a regular basis. Used by NHS University Hospitals of Coventry & Warwickshire as well as several large UK corporations from the finance, transport and retail sectors, SmartMessage provides a cost effective real-time communications channel.

Launched in 2012, the G-Cloud framework has revolutionised how public-sector departments access innovative IT solutions such as SmartMed and SmartMessage. It provides the UK Government the ability to procure services from approved cloud-based suppliers, driving down IT costs and increasing efficiency.

Being on G-Cloud 10 is a significant achievement for the two companies, opening up access to a potentially huge market amongst public-sector and not-for-profit organisations – over £2.4bn of purchases were made via G-Cloud and SMEs such as SmartMed account for more than 73% of the listed companies. The stringent application and vetting process means that suppliers have already been carefully screened, enabling quicker engagement and rollout of the services.


SmartMedTM is the trading name of SmartMed Technologies Ltd, which is based in the UK, with headquarters in London and was formed in 2011 (previously known as Appdragon Ltd). SmartMed has offices in the UK (London, Suffolk and Birmingham), Asia and the Middle East and provides services to several NHS Trusts.

SmartMessage is also a trading name of SmartMed Technologies Ltd.

The vision for SmartMed is to improve healthcare outcomes for every patient, anywhere by utilising the flexibility, user friendliness and ubiquity of mobile devices. It provides innovative apps for the healthcare market, including appointment reminder systems, NHS Friends & Family surveying using interactive SMS messaging as well as self-care of chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Obesity, Stroke and Heart Disease – all potentially huge drains on the NHS and private healthcare budgets if not adequately managed.

SmartMed recently won the first SEHTA Mayor of London Award for Export during the MedTech conference held at City Hall in April 2018.

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