Press Release

1st July 2017

NHS London North West Healthcare Trust Pilots Pioneering Digital Health Solution to Better Manage Diabetes & Hypertension during Pregnancy

London North West Healthcare NHS Trust and innovative digital health company SmartMed Global are collaborating to run a digital health pilot scheme to improve clinical efficiency.

Traditionally, pregnant women are coming to hospital every two weeks for their diabetic blood sugar review based on paper diary. Instead, the Smarmed technology brings the diabetic blood sugar review to them electronically, whether it be at home, at work, and anywhere in the world she chooses.

The digital technology reduces the number of hospital visits, making care more responsive to the women but also reducing costs for both for the hospital NHS Trust and the patient.

Dr Peter Yeh, Consultant Obstetrician in the NHS Trust said “SmartMed facilitates care and reduces unnecessary visits to hospitals so that care is less medicalised. It saves the NHS time and money.”

A large number of mothers-to-be are provided with the SmartMedTM self care package, which includes an intuitive smartphone app called HomeCare, and Bluetooth®-connected glucometer. The device seamlessly connects to the SmartMed HomeCare app running on the patient’s own smart phone, which connects securely to the central database and clinicians’ information portal.

Saadi Hussain, Director at SmartMed, said “This is a major achievement for SmartMed as we have been selected from an original application of over a hundred digital health businesses. We’re excited and feel very privileged to have been selected for this prestigious programme and are looking forward to working closely with the Accelerator and the rest of the cohort in delivering real benefits to the NHS and its patients.

The app intuitively guides the patient through the simple process of capturing blood sugar levels up to seven times a day (before and after various meal times).

Importantly HomeCare also asks the patient a series of simple questions, in order to elicit other possible symptoms of potential complications and to provide the clinicians with information on the patient’s overall well being.

The app also provides a communication path between the patient and their doctor, reducing stress levels by ensure easy communication between the pregnant woman and her clinician. No more phone calls waiting to be answered and only to be diverted from one person to another.

SmartMed Global Managing Director, Simon Eyre said “We’ve been working closely with Dr Yeh, Dr Darko and their teams in the NHS to tailor our offering to specifically address mother’s-to-be who may be anxious about the affect their health and wellbeing might have on their precious unborn child. We’re also keen to address the potentially overwhelming problem the NHS faces with a constant rise in other conditions, such as stroke, heart disease and COPD as well as diabetes.”.

The objectives of this particular pilot are to capture data about the ease of use of digital health services and to gather evidential data regarding the real benefits to the patients’ health outcomes.


The London North West Healthcare Trust is one of the largest integrated care trusts in England, bringing together hospital and community services across Brent, Ealing and Harrow, serving a diverse population of over 850,000 patients.

Hospitals that come under the control of the trust include Central Middlesex Hospital, Ealing Hospital, Northwick Park Hospital and St Mark’s Hospital.


Diabetes during pregnancy, including Gestational Diabetes, can cause the following complications for

the baby:

Complications that can affect the patient include:

Many of these complications threaten the health and even lives of both mother and baby and put increasing strain on the NHS to manage and treat.

Gestational Diabetes develops during pregnancy. Like other types of diabetes it affects how the mother’s cells use sugar (glucose).