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  • Outbound and two-way Bulk SMS
  • UK and International messaging
  • Developer APIs for integration
  • Pay only for what you use. No credits to expire
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It's Mobile Messaging. Just Smarter.

Communicating with your customers using either SMS or Email just got a whole lot smarter. And much easier. With our cost effective, high-end web portal and messaging gateway you can be sending messages in no time at all. There's no software to download and no hardware required. We only use legitimate UK and International routes for SMS and our email uses the world's largest Email infrastructure. as a Service Provider.

Bulk SMS

Send bulk SMS messages using our powerful, cost effective web portal. Or integrate your existing systems using our intuitive developer APIs.   More..

Bulk Email

Start sending bulk email today using SMTP or HTTP.   More..

2 Way

Use our inbound SMS and email services to converse with your customers and generate rich interaction and enhanced satisfaction.   More..

Our Customers

We've been providing bulk SMS services to businesses worldwide for many years. Here's a selection of some of our happy customers.


Customer Case Study - the NHS

Healthcare providers use our SMS services to remind patients of upcoming appointments, saving tens of thousands of pounds by helping reduce the number of "did not shows". In the UK, the NHS also use our two-way messaging service to survey patients and their families after visiting or using the hospital's facilities. Our knowledge and desire to understand the health sector requirements and business processes, and the ability to deliver a cost effective yet flexible solution means the relationship between Appdragon and the NHS continues to grow. More..

Low Cost, High Quality Bulk SMS

Our powerful yet intuitive messaging system provides a robust and reliable solution trusted by companies in many sectors included banking & finance, government, health, and transport and logistics.. We only use direct connections to UK networks and hundreds of international destinations. We promise we will never use SMS modem banks or so called grey routes. Your messages are important to us because they’re essential to you. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean high cost, and our service is as competitive as it is brilliant. Why not ask for a demonstration of our new web portal and see how easy it will be for you to take advantage of the 60m mobiles in the UK alone. Speak to us today.


Secure, Encrypted Delivery

All email we send uses opportunistic TLS encryption - as long as your recipients’ mail servers are configured to support TLS, you mail will be protected from interception/modification by a passive adversary. Should the recipient ISP not support TLS, you message will still be delivered just without TLS.

  • Authenticates the email sender and verifies that the sender and content are intended
  • Protects the server-to-server connection and every piece of the email sent through it (attachments, sender address etc)
  • Automates upon sign up. No switch to turn it on, no added cost.

Improved Email Delivery

Drive engagement with your subscribers by optimising your email deliverability with Appdragon’s SmartMessage cloud based email delivery platform. We use industry leading infrastructure to help ensure your email gets delivered.

  • Shared or Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Email Authentication (e.g DKIM)
  • ISP Feedback Loops
  • Outbound SPAM Monitoring
  • IP Reputation Scoring

SmartMessage Transactional Bulk Email : scalable, reliable and easy to implement.

Whether you’re developing apps for the web or mobile environments, you need an effective way to communicate with your customers. Email remains the most powerful form of customer communication but building and maintaining your own SMTP infrastructure can be resource intensive and costly. Let SmartMessage eliminate the cost and complexity of maintaining your own infrastructure so you can focus on developing the next great app or service.

Easy to Integrate

A set of flexible APIs allow you to decide which integration method is right for your environment.

Highly Scaleable

Remove the headache of scaling your own email infrastructure.


SmartMessage can facilitate interactive conversations with your customers using the 2-way messaging feature. Send and receive messages using your own 5-digit short code or virtual mobile number. Incoming messages are stored in your Inbox on our web portal, or can be automatically sent to a nominated email address or downloaded to your back-end systems using our REST API. To find out more why not text us? Send a text containing the word CALLME to 07860022256. and someone will text you right back.

Why SmartMessage

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is competitive without a reduction in service and quality. Ask us about our low cost bulk email and SMS rates. You won't be disappointed.



We are reliable

We don't use so called "grey" SMS routing and our infrastructure is fully resilient. You can rely on Smartmessage.

First Class Support

No service is 100% foolproof, but in the unlikely event things don't go to plan our 24x7 helpdesk will be there to fix it for you.

Pricing to make bulk messaging affordable

"Competitive pricing without compromise on quality and no hidden charges or penalties."

From As Little As 2.5p per sms

The more you send the lower the price. And we only use high quality routes for UK and international SMS and Email.

Post pay billing

Only pay for the texts you send with monthly billing in arrears. No expiring pre-pay credits.

International pricing

Pay a flat rate or by country or operator to maximise cost efficiency. Choice of class or direct routing.

No Hidden costs

Before you order we'll clarify our Charges so there are no shocks. Pay for what you use not what you don't.

Personalised SMS

  • Use dynamic templates to personalise your messages
  • Easy to setup
  • Add variables to your template and these are automatically replaced with data from your contacts file
  • Powerful communication made simple

Developer solutions

Our simple to use, industry standard APIs enable developers to integrate existing web sites, systems and applications with the SmartMessage gateway.


No one's perfect but if it goes wrong we’ll fix it without a fuss.

SmartMessage comes with 24x7 support and we set our Service Level performance targets intentionally high. We’d be dishonest if we said we were infallible but on the rare occasion something does go wrong, or we’ve not explained a feature or function adequately to you, our help desk is there to get you back on track.

Your business is as important to us as it is to you. We want you to succeed so that we can succeed and having the best, most reliable messaging tools at your disposal is a sure fire way of achieving your goals.

When you report a fault or lodge an enquiry, we give you a ticket number so that you can easily track our progress and cut to the chase should you need to contact us again. We'll also keep you updated on progress, so you know exactly what's happening.

Why not give us a test. Fill out the support request form with any question you like, or email us at support@smartmessage.me or call us for free on 0800 3077591 (free to UK callers only) and judge us by our response to your question.


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